Artist Statement

I am at heart a storyteller. My work over the years has reflected a careful observation of human interaction, and often uses photography and its manipulation to provide commentary, sometimes with humor, about the human condition. I am also a collector of many things and think about how everyday objects convey meaning in our lives. Much of my early work was influenced directly by my collections and the act of collecting and display but now I am more interested in photographing transitional spaces and by incorporating those images into my jewelry they serve to commemorate the transitional nature of all things.

I have frequently employed photographic processes in the creation of my jewelry work. In the last 4 bodies of work, I have used photographic processes in very different ways –the anachronistic hand-painted black and white photo for its object quality, the appropriated and manipulated Xeroxed image, and the digitally shot and pixilated image.

Art jewelry is a unique art form in that it is worn out into the world. It is not neutral or merely decorative and always creates a dialogue. The collectors of art jewelry are passionate about this function of the work and collaborate with the artist to bring the artist’s ideas to the public. The aspect of interactivity is what keeps me interested in making jewelry.