Rhinestones (2006-2010)

For this body of work, I took digital photographs of actual rhinestones then made enamel decals that were fired onto the enameled surfaces. Through manipulation in the computer (Photoshop) the images were abstracted and pixilated.  There was no attempt to create the illusion of a rhinestone but to clearly create a flat image of it.  Also by placing the decal image on transparent glass I am reiterating the “glassness” of the rhinestone.  On some works the corresponding back of each rhinestone, (with its foil backing) is also photographed, made into a decal and fired on the back of the enamel. In most cases I use steel cable to assemble the parts in to jewelry forms.  The cable creates a graphic quality that also serves to remove the jewelry from a traditional context. These works serve, with humor, to honor a humble class of everyday jewelry that was a substitute for diamonds and other precious stones.